Tuesday, May 6, 2008

not about START, the END that matters

life is a long journey,
a journey that can't be predict,
full of surprise, laughter,happiness, cry, sorrow,
success and failure is a must,
no one likes failure,
no one hates success,
everyone think to success, must avoid failure,
everyone feel failure is bad, mean, can kill the soul and future,
BUT remember!
Success is not about where or when you start,
It about the END of your effort, your life,
For those outside there always taste the bitter of failure,
Never too late to start again,
If you fell down, raise up,
Learn from the mistake, never give up,
Start over again climbing the ladder of success although you fall to the ground,
Burn the spirit, hold the steps firmly, organize your breath,
Believe me, a GLORIOUS ending will come,
whenever, wherever you start, the END that matters.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

a quotes to remember

"Making a million friends is not a great thing at all,
The great thing is to make a friend who will stand when millions are against you"

life will be meaningless without friends,
but it worst when the friends we had are 'bad' friends
only find us when they are sad,
gone when they're happy,
share the laughter together with us,
not our tears,
so be a good friend,
because a good deed will be reward good deed and vice versa.
remember 'what goes around comes back around'

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

be positive

The way to think positively
1. always think what you want( which sth good)
2. if u don't get what u want, believe there are a good reason (hikmah) why u can't get it
3. be ready and prepare to put on effort again for your success
4. NEVER EVER give up in our life.
-Dr. Tengku Asmadi; Motivator-

everyone has dream and wanna it come true,
but real life is not always go our way,
failure will visit our life without any notice,
so we need to be prepare to 'entertain' the unwanted guest,
thus we need to know the right way to entertain 'them', so we can get rid of them in a short time,
believe in ourself, the success will come to us and our dreams may come true,
just think POSITIVELY.

Monday, December 31, 2007

again, a new year has come to meet us
after a long journey that we had,
during this happy moment celebrating the arriving of the new,
just take a while to think about the year that we left,
what we have done? what we achieved? what happen?
for the last 365 days,
for the last 8760 hours,
how many success that we achieved?
how many failure that we taste?
how many dreams became reality?
how many mistakes that we did?
how many happy moments we enjoyed?
how many tears came out because bad moments?
and the main question,
am i improving than before?
am i a better person now?
so take this moment to promise ourselves,
don't ever repeat the mistakes we did,
take the lesson from every single bad and happy moments,
let this new year as a point to start a new chapter of life,
the chapter that will b written with new story,
new experience, new feeling, full with new fresh colours,
be ready to face new challenges, new problems, new troubles,
and in fact be ready to make a positive change in ourselves,
hope we can make it through this new year with less mistakes,
more success and more dreams that come true,

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

"don't find someone who you can live with, but find someone who you can't live without"
everything in this world has been created in pairs,
that mean as a human we are created with pair,
man and woman..............
LOVE.......... makes man and woman can live together,
however in finding our pairs, is not easy,
a good pair or couple is a person who can be a compliment to us,
yeah, no one is perfect,
then our spouse make us complete,
in short, you make me complete and i complete you, like a jigsaw
however, it doesn't mean we need to find someone who are totally different as our pair,
maybe one or two 'thing' that can make us be together which is the similarity between man and woman, but not a 'copy' of each others,

p/s: i already found someone that complete me( MAK! nak kawen!). how about you?

Thursday, November 29, 2007

something to think about

"There comes a point in your life when you realize who matter, who never did, who won't anymore and who always will, so don't worry about people from past,there's a reason why they didn't make it into your future"
(from my frenz ym; no idea where it really from)

this quote has very deep meaning, take your time to think about this, when u understand the real meaning behind this u will be happier and more motivated. In fact that's life!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

perlukah menangis?

"Menangislah, kerana manusia terlalu sombong untuk menangis,
lalu untuk apa air mata telah dicipta,
bukan hanya bahagia ada didunia"
(Firdaus-Menangislah dibahuku)
hidup ini tak selalu diliputi dan diselubungi kebahagian,
tatkala melayari bahtera kehidupan,
taufan kesedihan melanda,
segagah mana pun insan itu,
pasti terdetik rasa sedih dan sayu dihati,
janganlah malu untuk menitiskan airmata,
kerna rasa sedih adalah fitrah manusia,
menangislah sepuas-puasnya,
alirkanlah kesedihan dan kesengsaraan dihati bersama airmata yang mengalir,
moga hati lebih tenang dan diri akan kembali gagah berdiri dan melangkah,
pabila kita melihat insan lain menangis kerna kesedihan,
janganlah dirinya dipersenda,
tiupkan seruling semangat buat dirinya,
talunkan padanya irama kekuatan,
jadikan kegagalan itu sebagai pengajaran,
jika kesedihan kembali bertamu dihati,
hati tak mampu melayaninya,
menangislah, menangislah, menangislah,
kerna ia adalah kepuasan dan juga penawar yang baik.

p/s: mungkin kita patut menangisi Ramadhan yang bakal meninggalkan kita