Tuesday, May 6, 2008

not about START, the END that matters

life is a long journey,
a journey that can't be predict,
full of surprise, laughter,happiness, cry, sorrow,
success and failure is a must,
no one likes failure,
no one hates success,
everyone think to success, must avoid failure,
everyone feel failure is bad, mean, can kill the soul and future,
BUT remember!
Success is not about where or when you start,
It about the END of your effort, your life,
For those outside there always taste the bitter of failure,
Never too late to start again,
If you fell down, raise up,
Learn from the mistake, never give up,
Start over again climbing the ladder of success although you fall to the ground,
Burn the spirit, hold the steps firmly, organize your breath,
Believe me, a GLORIOUS ending will come,
whenever, wherever you start, the END that matters.

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